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$20 GIFT CARD - Nike Air Jordan V 5 Tokyo T23 JP Retro 2011 sz 10 US

$20 GIFT CARD - Nike Air Jordan V 5 Tokyo T23 JP Retro 2011 sz 10 US

20 USD
1. $20/gift card (total 115 gift cards available) - choose gift card shipping option
2.  A purchase of a gift card grants access to buyers to an exclusive membership to our website between the dates specified in bullet 3*(see below notes)
3. Exclusive membership period between September 24, 2016 - October 10, 2016
4. As part of being Netmagnetism's exclusive membership during this period, we will randomly (via choose 3 members and give away: 
1st - Nike Air Jordan T23 Pre-owned size 10 with OG box
2nd/3rd - $100 store credit
5. All drawings and results will be posted on our Instagram page.  Drawing will take place as soon as all gift coupons are sold out.

*Notes: All gift cards must be used before the membership period expiry specified in bullet point 3 .  Multiple coupon code purchases can not be combined and used together in one single purchases (ie. if you buy 3 gift coupons, each gift coupon must be used separately)


Condition: Pre-owned - some minor fading of nubuck and creasing on toe box
Notes: Comes with Og box 
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