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$35 GIFT CARD - DS Nike Air Jordan DMP Gold Eyelet OR RO Yeezy

$35 GIFT CARD - DS Nike Air Jordan DMP Gold Eyelet OR RO Yeezy

35 USD
1.  $35/gift card (fixed slots - total of 275 slots)
2.  A purchase of a gift card grants buyers access to an Exclusive Membership to our website between the dates specified in bullet 3*(see below notes)
3. Exclusive membership period between Jan 08, 2017 - Mar 08, 2018
4. **CANADA RESIDENTS FYI** Gift cards are tax exempt - hence please use promo code "CANADA" in the promo code section to apply the tax credit.  Misuse of this coupon from non-Canadian residents will result in your order being cancelled
5. As part of being Netmagnetism's Exclusive Membership during this period,  buyers are entitled to our monthly member's only discount on store purchases.  Also, we will randomly (via choose 3 members and give away the below items.  Skill testing question will be required for those members randomly selected. 

1st - DS Nike Air Jordan XI/VI DMP Gold Eyelet Pack sz 10 OR Nike Yeezy Red October sz 10 NDS - Both with Og all
2nd - 25th - DS Nike Random Pair (various sizes)
26th-31st - Netmagnetism Series 1 Black
32nd-37th - Netmagnetism Series 1 White
38th - $75 Store Credit
39th-40th - $50 Store credit

*Notes: All gift cards must be used before the membership period expiry specified in bullet point 3 .  Multiple coupon code purchases can not be combined and used together in one single purchases (ie. if you buy 3 gift coupons, each gift coupon must be used separately).  Gift cards can not be used to purchase other gift cards.

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