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7-12 US - DS Nike Jordan Cactus Nigel Adidas Yeezy HU RANDOM BOX

7-12 US - DS Nike Jordan Cactus Nigel Adidas Yeezy HU RANDOM BOX

75 USD
Random Box Explained - What are you getting Exactly?

1. There are a total of 110 SPOTS in this Random box with the breakdown below:
 A) 70 Pairs of Random Box shoes (ranges from various brands (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Asics) - all pairs received ALL have a higher MSRP than $75)
 B) 40 Series 1/2 Bundle (We have 5 models to choose from in our Series 1 and 2) - each person will receive TWO Series 1/2

2. Once all 110 SLOTS are sold out, the list of buyers will be entered through to determine which item you will be receiving above A) or B)

How Do I get the Grail Shoes shown in the Pictures?

 As part of the draw aside from determining which item you will receive A) or B), the draw will be selecting 4 winners.  The winner prizes are shown below:
 i) 1st place - Gets any pair FREE at No Extra Charge.
 ii) 2nd-4th place - Can select any pair shown and pay Retail Price along with a Random box shoe in your size you purchased.  If winner elects to not receive the shoes and just want the grail, the winner has the choice to trade in their Random box and pay only Retail minus $75
 iii) For those that don't come in 1st-4th place, you will receive a Random box in your specified size based on the allocation outlined in bullet 1.  All Random boxes are brand new shoes with original box (not half lids from the factory outlet)

Final Remarks

4. If there is a specific brand you DO NOT want to receive in the Random box, you can specify in the notes.  Same with Series 1/2, if there is a model you want specifically, you can put in the notes at the order page.

5. Please Note everyone that is purchasing is selecting a size so that we know what size to ship you if you hit a Random Box after the draw.  If your name lands in item B) Series 1/2 Bundle, you will not be receiving shoes and will be receiving the bundle.


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